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Custom Church Sanctuary Design & Construction-Chicago 

Church Sanctuary Renovation Before
Church Sanctuary Platform Rendering
Church Walls Rendering
Management of Approved Project
Construction of Panel Walls
Completion of Panel Walls
Additional Render - Arches Added to Platform
Custom Arcs on Project
Completion of Custom Arches
"After" Photo of Project

Youth Sanctuary Design & Construction-Chicago 

"Before" Picture of Youth Sanctuary
Painting of Youth Sanctuary Walls
"After" Picture of Youth Sanctuary
"After" Picture of Youth Sanctuary

Commercial Restroom & Construction-Chicago 

"Before" Picture of Bathroom
Adding Recessed Lighting
Adding Recessed Lighting
Tai directing changes to sub contractor
Flooring Removed
Floor prepped for tiling
Custom Tiling
Installation of Cabinets
Installation of Vessel Bowls
"After" picture of Bathroom Renovation
Before/After Picture

Custom Hallway Renovation-Chicago 

"Before" Picture of Hallway Renovation
Framing out ceiling to add drywall and recessed lighting
Painting of Doors and Walls
Custom Wall Decor
Custom Drop Moulding LED Rope Lighting
Before/After Pictures of Hallway Design

Home Health Office Design & Construction-Chicago 

Office Renovation "Before" Picture
Installation of Walls for Offices
Office Renovation Rendering
Painted Walls of New Office design

Custom Foyer Design & Construction-Schaumburg 

Corridor Construction "Before" Picture
Corridor Wall Framing
Dry Wall and Tray Ceiling added
"Before/After" Corridor Construction

Private Beauty Salon Design & Decor-Atlanta 

Garage Conversion to Salon - "Before" Picture
"After" Picture of Garage Conversion into a Salon

Custom Office Design & Decor-Chicago 

Contemporary Church Office Rendering
Custom Accent Wall Before
Custom Accent Wall After

Custom Sanctuary Design, Construction & Decor-Schaumburg

Conversation of Office Space into Church Sanctuary - "Before" pictures
Custom Design of Platform and Carpeting
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